Mission Statement

"Committed to Excellence"

We are rural lumberyard that caters to DIY, contractor and farming sectors: purchasing, assembling and shipping lumber & building products and selling them at competitive prices.

We strive at every instance to provide the building supply’s industry’s best service possible: having the product available on time, damage and hassle free, all at a competitive price.

We differentiate ourselves from all competitors by:

  1. Striving to have staff that are friendly, courteous, eager to please and well trained.
  2. Constantly reviewing our product mix in order to ensure we provide our customers with products that offer the best mix between quality and price.
  3. Having a neat, clean and professional looking store and yard as a reflection of our commitment to excellence.
  4. Being prepared to listen to customers, discuss their particular needs, wants and desires in order to offer them the product that best suits their individual situation.

Our strengths are:

  1. Being small and being able to create the atmosphere that every customer is a person, a very valuable part of our business and a long term partner (we all know them by name).
  2. Our staff: teamwork and co-operation.
  3. Our aggressive approach to the market place.
  4. Our commitment to improvement and excellence (we strive to do it right the first time).
  5. Our location.
  6. Our supplier base (TimBRmart, Ace Hardware, Domtek Metals & Jed-Wen Windows.