Savings Example

*** Dave & Cindy are a couple who own an older home in Teulon (1061 sf bungalow). They would like to renovate their home in order to increase its energy efficiency. They have decided to replace their old windows, upgrade their attic insulation and install new siding & wall insulation. They would like to know how the government incentives will impact their project.

Renovation Item Upgrade Material
(tax extra)
Provincial Rebate
New Doors Windows (9) 9 Units 5,000 0
New Siding 1,745 0
Soffit & Facia 655 0
Wall Insulation R7.5 1,626 1056
Attic Insulation R32 1,200 679
Inspection Fees 0 0
Summary Totals 10,266 1,735

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disclaimer: the above example is for illustration purposes only. Each individual assessment may vary based on actual home conditions and products used