1. Provincial Rebates


    • Rebates: insulation / appliances / heating
    • Loan Program: windows, insulation / renovations
  2. Federal eco Energy Rebate

    • targets energy upgrades save up to $5,000
    • Program Ended March 31st, 2012
  3. GST New housing Rebate

    There is a GST rebate program in place which refunds a portion of the GST paid on the purchase price of a new home. The purchase price includes:

    • the land and home
    • any permanent fixture including built in appliances, landscaping, driveways etc.


    • new home construction / major renovation (completely gut the interior)
    • you must own the land

    How to apply:

    • call 1-800-959-5525
    • save all your bills, you are not required to send them in with your application but must have them on file for future reference