Government of Canada
Eco-Action Program
Ended March 31, 2012
Government of Manitoba
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Grants & Eligibility

Your federal & provincial government have programs to help you with your renovations in order to increase the energy performance of your home. By increasing the energy performance of your insulation, windows and doors, you will reduce your energy loss and your energy bill. You will save on your high energy performance products purchases and your energy consumption.


The ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes Program end March 31, 2012.
However, the ecoENERGY initiatives are continuing! Click here for details

Manitoba Hydro

Power Smart Programs & Rebates

Power Smart programs are available for your home and your business

  • Affordable Energy Program
  • Qualifying lower income households can become more energy efficient. Financing and free upgrades available.
  • Electric vehicles
  • Drive an electric vehicle to lower your operating costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Home Insulation Program
  • Upgrade the insulation in your home to Power Smart levels and receive a rebate.
  • Lighting
  • Choose energy efficient bulbs to save energy.
  • Loans & financing
  • Get a loan to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home.
  • Power Smart for New Homes
  • Use Power Smart technologies while you're building to save in the long run.
  • Power Smart and First Nations
  • First Nations communities can save money while improving the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes with energy saving improvements and geothermal heat pump systems.
  • Refrigerator Retirement Program
  • Retire your old fridge or freezer; it will be picked up for free and you receive $50.
  • Residential Earth Power Loan
  • Financing available for alternative energy sources including; geothermal heat pumps, air source heat pumps, solar water heating and solar photovoltaic. Annual interest rate of 4.9 per cent (O.A.C.) and requires no down payment. The maximum term is 180 months.
  • Residential Propane and Oil Furnace/Boiler Replacement Program
  • Replace your existing propane or oil furnace/boiler with a high-efficiency natural gas or electric furnace/boiler or a geothermal heating system and receive a $245 rebate.
  • Water & Energy Saver Program
  • Save up to $30 a year with our Water and Energy Saver Kits. You will save water and energy while reducing your carbon footprint.

Energy Evaluations

Take the time to plan energy efficient home improvements to get the most value for your renovation dollar. Find out which improvements will save the most energy by participating in one of our home energy evaluations:

  • Our Mail-in Energy Evaluation is a customized energy efficiency report with suggestions for energy efficient improvements based on self-reported information. The cost is $19.99 plus GST and can be charged to your energy bill. Contact us to request your mail-in assessment forms.
  • Our free Online Home Comfort & Energy Evaluation identifies how your home uses energy and provides you with a customized energy efficiency report with suggestions for energy efficient improvements based on self-reported information. We will not be able to produce results for you if you have not lived in your residence for one full year.

For more information on our home energy evaluations, contact us.

Power Smart Residential Loan

The loan covers the following upgrades:

Loan Details

  • Borrow up to $7,500 per residence. Up to $5,500 of that may be put toward the purchase of a high efficiency natural gas furnace.
  • The maximum term is 5 years for all energy efficiency upgrades and 15 years for the purchase of a high efficiency natural gas furnace.
  • Annual interest rate is fixed at 4.8 per cent (O.A.C.) for the first 5 years.
  • Monthly installments will be included on your energy bill.
  • Applicant must be a Manitoba Hydro customer and the owner of the home in which energy improvements are to take place.
  • Upgrades must be made to levels recommended by Manitoba Hydro.
  • The loan does not apply to central air conditioning (see The Energy Finance Plan (EFP)).

How to Apply

To apply for the Power Smart Residential Loan, speak with your contractor (if you have one) or retailer (if you're doing the work yourself). Your contractor or retailer will work with you to determine if your project is eligible for financing and will assist you with completing the loan application.

If your contractor or retailer does not participate in Manitoba Hydro's Power Smart Residential Loan, have them call Manitoba Hydro at 1-888-MBHYDRO (1-888-624-9376) or email the Power Smart Expert for information on how to participate.